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The future of color - INFINITI


LONDON – Color has always played a major part in car design. But just as the creases and curves of a car's outward form have evolved down the years, so too has the palette of colors adorning the metal.

Much of this, of course, may be attributed to the transient nature of fashion and the constant evolution of taste.

Colors often capture and reflect current trends, fluctuating between flamboyant and conservative with the passing of time. However, the emergence of new paint technology and processes has, perhaps, been an even bigger factor – giving designers and color teams the ability to play with new shades and finishes to delight the senses, inject personality, heighten visual impact and accentuate the aesthetic.

Today, at Infiniti Design London, the importance of color in the design of a new vehicle is fully understood, and the team there – led by Matthew Weaver, director of Infiniti Design London and Infiniti Color Manager Sandra Boberg – ensure that the brand is always on trend and will be at the forefront of the next color revolution.